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We at Pacific Feelings Media, and thousands of very satisfied users, contend that It's Your Plane© (IYP) is the most powerful Voice Control Co-Pilot system for FS9, FSX and Prepar3D ever created! Whether you consider yourself to be a bush-pilot, one who prefers to fly-by-the-book, or an individual who simply enjoys hopping into the cockpit of a Cessna Skyhawk, IYP adds an entirely new and exciting dimension to flight simulation. We offer a FREE 15-DAY TRIAL version with our hope that it will help you learn more about simulated flying, and naturally, about IYP. With the IYP Full Featured Registered version, you can execute all the aircraft specific checklists, fly all the Supported Aircraft in our hanger, speak with Radar Contact 4 and chat with the MS ATC controllers in a completely natural manner!

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Purchase a Registration Key Purchase a Registration Key The price for the REGISTERED version of It's Your Plane is only USD $59.95 for the FS9/FSX version, and USD $79.95 for the FS9/FSX/P3D version. (currency calculator)

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Talk to Air Traffic Control Talk with ATC!
Four different ways to communicate with ATC. More...
Co-Pilot Michelle Conducts a Visual Approach into Kalaupapa (PHLU), Hawaii.

Prepping FSX BEFORE installing It's Your Plane (IYP)

It's Your Plane (IYP) - Brief FSX Tutorial Video

Approaching Vancouver (CYVR) - IYP CoPilot Mike lands the Boeing 744

Captain Robert and First Officer Mike make preparations for an IYP Virtual Air flight.

Listen to the difference! Click HERE to listen to the significant sound quality difference between the Microsoft Mary Voice Font and the AT&T Mike Voice Font! You can find out more about the AT&T and other voice font manufacturers by going here.
NOTE: Refer to the Flight Deck Doc for information on using 32 bit voice fonts on 64 bit operating systems.