Installing It's Your Plane

Please read this IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE starting your installation.


WARNING - It's Your Plane is NOT a Plug-N-Play Application
It's Your Planesm is a very sophisticated software programme that utilises and exercises virtually every aspect of your computer, namely: video and audio hardware and drivers, simulators, speech recognition software, an FSUIPC interface between IYP and your simulator(s), the computer's Registry, a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) for handling tasks related to multimedia called DirectX, third-party voice fonts, speech recognition voice training, etc.

Patience is required to set this programme up properly!

If You have a Pre-set Environment

NOTE: If you have already installed FSUIPC, have an operating Microsoft SAPI pre-trained Speech Recognition engine set to English US, are sufficiently proficient at programme installation and set-up procedures, then you can bypass the installation instructions and install It's Your Plane now!

Installation Instructions
You will start the installation process by getting the FREE 15-DAY TRIAL version of the It's Your Plane (IYP) programme fully operational with either FS9/FSX or Prepar3D, using the default Cessna C172 Skyhawk, or the default Mooney Bravo, respectively. After you have successfully gotten the FREE TRIAL version up and running perfectly, you can then purchase a REGISTRATION KEY in order to have IYP work with all of the other aircraft in our hanger.

Please read the IYP Users' Manual:
We know from experience that over 95% of the problems people experience when installing this programme, have come about because they failed to follow the installation instructions. Therefore, it is essential that you follow these steps very carefully. Bypassing these instructions in haste and excitement, will likely cause the system to malfunction and will eventually lead to frustration on your part.

I ask that you resign yourself to the fact that this is NOT a 2-minute Plug-N-Play application. PLEASE... read this information carefully and take your time. I promise you, when you get the It's Your Plane programme properly installed and up and running, you will be totally amazed at this new and exciting multimedia experience!

We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service in the industry. Therefore, if you experience any problems after reading the following installation instructions, please go to our Support Forum where, because of worldwide time differences, you'll likely meet others who may be able to provide you with answers faster than I can. Please DO NOT e-mail me directly; e-mail is very inefficient and I have a tendency to drop messages on the floor.

Thank you,
Robert Cezar - Your It's Your Plane Developer

It's Your Planesm works with Microsoft Flight Simulators 2002, 2004, FSX and Prepar3D.

NOTE: The simulator(s) does not have to be an English distribution.

Operating Systems:
If you’re running an English version of Windows, the It's Your Plane software will run on almost any of the latest Windows operating systems; namely: Windows XP Home 32 and 64 Bit, Windows XP Professional 32 and 64 Bit, Windows Vista 32 and 64 Bit, Windows 7 32 and 64 Bit, Windows 8 32 and 64 Bit, etc.

Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are Different from XP:
You’ll need either the Ultimate or the Enterprise editions of Vista, Windows 7 and/or Windows 8 in order to install and use the English US Language. Microsoft only permits the English language to be installed on the aforementioned operating systems.

Vista Non-English, Non-Ultimate, Non-Enterprise Workaround:
We have some good news for users who have a Non-English version of the above operating systems. We suggest that you take advantage of the Vistalizator from

If you experience any problems, please go to our Support Forum.

After installing IYP
After installing IYP, you will notice an entry in your Program Files area:
    Start > All Programs > Robert Cezar > It's Your Plane
This becomes the link you use to launch the IYP application. The installation process will also automatically place this shortcut icon
on your desktop to facilitate the launching of IYP.

Automatic Updates

IYP employs an Auto-Update process for software revisions. The IYP application will inform you of software updates when and as they are published. Post notification, the next time you run the IYP application it will offer to automatically install the update(s).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you elect to (or inadvertently) SKIP the installation of a new update(s), the IYP application will continue to notify you of the revisions, but will no longer offer to automatically install the update(s). In this case, simply go to the IYP Home page, and click on the INSTALL SYSTEM icon, which will bring you back here, where you can repeat the original installation process.

Under the Hood (bonnet for our UK friends):
The way the Auto-Update actually works is this. When you run the IYP application as per above, the IYP application itself checks for updates AFTER the programme is loaded... or if you prefer, after you hear Michelle or Mike say, "Captain - It's Your Plane... we're ready to go!" In reality, we could have checked for updates BEFORE the IYP application is launched, but that might slow things down. So, if updates are found, then the NEXT time you launch the application you will be informed that an update is available, and a box will pop up indicating that you can INSTALL the update, or SKIP it. Why is this explanation important? Because if we suggest that you to update to a newer software version, you will actually need to start IYP twice in order for the update offering to be recognised. I hope this is clear!

ClickOnce Deployment
ClickOnce for Windows applications is a relatively new deployment technology offering self-updating Windows-based applications that can be installed and run with minimal user interaction.

ClickOnce overcomes three major issues inherent in deployment:

  1. Difficulties in updating applications. With traditional Microsoft Windows Installer deployment, whenever an application is updated, the user is required to reinstall the entire application; with ClickOnce deployment, the updates are provided automatically. Only those portions of the application that have changed are downloaded, then the fully cached and updated application is installed at run time.

  2. Impact to the user's computer. With Windows Installer deployment, applications often rely on shared components, with the potential for versioning conflicts; with ClickOnce deployment, each application is self-contained and cannot interfere with other applications.

  3. Security permissions. Windows Installer deployment requires administrative permissions and allows only limited user installation; ClickOnce deployment allows non-administrative users to install and grants only those Code Access Security permissions necessary for the application.

In the past, these issues sometimes caused developers to decide to create Web applications rather than Windows-based applications, sacrificing the rich user interface and responsiveness of Windows Forms for ease of installation. With applications deployed using ClickOnce, we can utilize the best of both technologies.

We Require a Valid E-Mail Address
We require a valid e-mail address in order for you to be able to download, install and execute the It's Your Plane (IYP) programme.

Why do we need your E-Mail Address?

Monitoring Facilities:
We need a valid e-mail address in order to communicate critically important information about IYP to you. In particular, during your early stages of use, you will invariably have some questions or possibly experience some set-up difficulties. The It's Your Plane servers are designed to systematically analyze new user errors and/or improper use, and if detected, will automatically send out an e-mail to you explaining how to quickly resolve the difficulty.

Regular Newsletters:
In addition, we will also send you our regular Newsletters that are packed with loads of important and useful information about IYP and our industry.

We Install a “Cookie”
Your e-mail address will be stored in a "cookie" on your computer that will associate you with our Web site. You MUST allow our Web site to set this “cookie” on your PC, otherwise you will not be able to download the It's Your Plane system. As long as this “cookie” remains on your computer, you will not be asked to go through this process again... you'll just skip on by!

We'll Send You a Temporary Access Code:
Enter your E-Mail Address, confirm it by entering it one more time, kindly tell us how you first heard about IYP (this helps us greatly in our marketing efforts) and then press the SUBMIT button on the installation page. Our servers will send you an e-mail with a

Temporary Access Code

that will let you gain access to our download page. If you repeat this process, the system will send you ANOTHER TEMPORARY ACCESS CODE. Only the LAST one you receive can be used to gain access.

It is NOT NECESSARY for you to keep this TEMPORARY ACCESS CODE - it's only used ONCE!

If you experience problems installing the “cookie”, please refer to the Help section of your browser. There are also some instructions on this page in RED that will help you with installing "cookies".

If you experience any problems, please go to our Support Forum.

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