IYP releases SuperATC as a Voice Controller for Radar Contact 4


December 2, 2009


It’s Your Plane© (IYP) developer, Robert Cezar announces the release of its new freeware application, SuperATC©, as a speech recognition front-end for Radar Contact 4©.   SuperATC raises the level of flight simulation performance by permitting simmers to communicate with “typical” traffic jargon to both the internal Microsoft ATC system, as well as Radar Contact (RC).


As designed, users of RC use the keyboard to select menu items in the RC menu area to perform ATC communication tasks. With the combined capabilities of the speech recognition front-end of SuperATC and RC, simmers no longer need to select keys or push buttons. Rather, they simply speak a logical phrase to perfect the desired function. The SuperATC system “listens” and “parses” the spoken phraseology, and executes the appropriate menu selections within the RC system.  Whether flying heavies or general aircraft, these two innovative add-ons sync up to afford simmers a greater sense of ATC reality in their virtual cockpits. 


SuperATC (one of many add-ons in the IYP package) and Radar Contact 4 (developed by JDT LLC), each work independently with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator program, however, when used together, they provide simmers with real world ATC voice controlled functionality.


SuperATC Features:



Click here to see SuperATC in action on U-Tube.

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It's Your Plane© (IYP) is a powerful Voice Control system for FS9/FSX, that adds an entirely new and exciting dimension to flight simulation.


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A completely FREE version of IYP or SuperATC is available to help simmers learn more about how the system works. From there users have the option to graduate to the Standard version of IYP.


Radar Contact 4

Radar Contact is the most complete Air Traffic Control (ATC) add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator.  By implementing current 7110.65 FAA Rules, with more in-depth implementation of real world procedures, and many of the ICAO rules, Radar Contact puts you in the left seat where you will fly under today's current ATC jurisdiction.


Click here to view the Radar Contact website.

Click here to see how to set up Radar Contact 4 in conjunction with SuperATC.





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It’s Your Plane (IYP) is a product of Pacific Feelings Media, a company owned and operated by flight simulation add-on designer Robert Cezar.  The Company is located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. IYP has been in production since mid 2007 and has almost 3000 users who range from being completely new to the flight simulation world, to retired airline pilots.  There are over 70 different aircraft in the IYP hangers, and the list continues to grow.



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Radar Contact


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